Three Positives to take from Orioles 9, Indians 8

Le sigh. While this game was definitely frustrating, at least the Tribe had a lot of fight. I'd rather this than those games where we wouldn't have beaten Nuke Laloosh and the Durham Bulls that have made up a lot of the Tribe losses this year. 3 positives:

1. The bats appear to have woken up the last couple games. Three hits and two RBIs each for Shin-Soo Choo and Jason Kipnis should be good enough for a win a lot of nights.

2. They desperately need to get that patience back. It was the only thing that made the offense work in this season's early going. There have been two bases loaded walks in the past two days. That feels like a good thing to me.

3. I get weirdly excited when Aaron Cunningham comes in to the game, because he doesn't play in a lot of losses. He's like the Silver Surfer to the Tribe's Galactus. He doesn't kill you himself, he just shows up right before the end to let you know your planet's about to get eaten.

Two more days against the Orioles. Even with the injury to Lonnie Chisenhall, this series has been far more encouraging than the previous one.

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