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Tribe News and Notes: June 29, 2012

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Acta holds closed-door meeting | News

And he'll be holding another one before today's game. But seriously, the biggest part of a manager's job is not the on-field moves but what happens between games. Being able to keep 25 different personalities happy and motivated over the course of six months is a manager's biggest task.

Cleveland Indians' Jack Hannahan has idea to punish bad umps: Minor League demotions - NY Daily News

Excellent idea - hopefully this takes hold and is somehow inserted into the next umpire CBA. It would be cool to see this headline:

Angel Hernandez optioned to AAA after third straight umpire game score below 50

Why Omar Vizquel is not a Hall of Famer | Hit and Run

Now that the end is near for Omar!, the Hall of Fame debate is going to start in earnest.

Longevity has really helped Vizquel's Hall of Fame case, especially his longevity at shortstop. But because Vizquel's Hall of Fame case rests in large part on his defense, the debate boils down to a debate on defensive statistics.