Three Positives to take from Yankees 5, Indians 4

So, the longest losing streak. But if you strike the Indians down, they shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine! 3 positives:

1. They were one down with the bases loaded in the 9th, which is the best so far of the losing streak. This felt like a game played by an actual major league team. They had leads at multiple points, even.

2. I would say that overall Ubaldo Jimenez kept up his good form of late, he just got beat twice by a team that can just buy whatever hitters it wants.

3. Manny Acta needs to start taking some drastic actions to wake these people up. Almost anything non-permanent will do. I liked Lonnie Chisenhall pinch hitting for Carlos Santana in the 9th... he doesn't get to be big cleanup-hitter-man again until he earns it. Which he hasn't in quite a while.

Now, the Orioles, who on the plus side aren't the Yankees.

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