Wise obviously didn't catch this ball.


I had the strange opportunity to listen to both Sterling/Waldman and Tom Hamilton call this play, as I was driving home and can get WTAM at night. Then I see Deadspin's bizarre description. First, you had Sterling/Waldman saying that all you can see is the ball hit Wise's glove, then it all disappears. Waldman said we'll never know what happened to the ball after it went out of sight, and anyway, she says Wise came out of the stands with it. Hamilton pointed out that the YES Network was already pointing out that Wise didn't catch it, and didn't really come close to catching it. Then Hamilton went on a classic bender in which he essentially called for DiMuro's house to burn. And deservedly so. Hamilton credited Wise for specially NOT faking like he had made the catch. So why is Deadspin claiming that Wise DID fake like he had made the catch? And even more strangely, why is Deadspin saying that Wise came out with a ball, and so someone must have planted a second ball? I don't see a second ball in this video, or anywhere. Am I nuts?