Three Positives to take from Yankees 7, Indians 1

As many have over the years, the Tribe went down hard to the Yankees in the Bronx earlier this evening. Shall we sift through the wreckage to find, if not exquisite glittering diamonds, at least something worth fifty bucks in an antiques store? I believe we shall...

1. The obvious one is the bullpen, which gave up one run in five innings of work from the front end. You may notice that is much better than they have gotten in quite a while. This included the triumphant (I shall call it that if I want) return of Scott Barnes, who did great for 2 2/3 and then got tired.

2. I did get the sense that, had Josh Tomlin been making this start in most stadiums in the majors, he would have done quite a bit better.

3. I saw people saying on Twitter that they were "giving up on the season" after this game. I'm not sure what that means. The Tribe is half a game out of first, despite everything that can go wrong going wrong. Imagine if they actually played well. They're obviously a very streaky team. Their last winning streak was longer than the current losing streak. And, just theoretically, let's grant that some people are right and this isn't this team's year. So what? Am I going to stop watching and enjoying the games? What kind of Cleveland fan only has a good time in years the team wins the championship? Because... that seems highly masochistic. I'm going to enjoy this season, dammit, no matter how hard the team makes it.

More Yankees tomorrow. Masterson on the mound seems like a better idea than today's Little Cowboy Debacle.

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