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Yankees Destroy Indians, National Innocence (Game 71)

Don't give up, Little Cowboy.
Don't give up, Little Cowboy.

As Jay mentioned in the FanPost, Royals Review's Will McDonald is stepping down after seven fantastic years. Royals Review was one of the first blogs on what became known as SB Nation, and has been since the beginning one of the best writers around, whether it be in this network or anywhere else.

So in tribute to Will, and because the Indians provided the opportunity, there will be a slightly different style of recap tonight.

Josh Tomlin, The Little Cowboy, the overachiever, all that's good and pure about America. He has the guts and moxie to get major league hitters out just by believing in himself. His can-do spirit is serving as an inspiration for the rest of the starting staff...well, except for Jeanmar Gomez, who's apparently not into inspiration (so down to Columbus he goes). It's no matter that his ERA is climbing higher and higher, it's the thought that counts, and Tomlin has a lot of them.

Besides, what better way to show that spirit than to beat the Evil Yankees in their Evil Yankee Stadium? All that's good about baseball and America met all that's bad about baseball and America tonight, and there had to be only one conclusion...

3.0 IP, 6 H, 6 ER, 3 SO, 2 BB, 80 Pitches

Tonight American lost its innocence, as the Evil Yankees did the unthinkable - they overcame the forces of hard work and guts and hit Josh Tomlin like a pinata. More like a cheap pinata, because Tomlin didn't last more than a three innings, all thanks to the Evil Yankee Stadium's short porch. The heels first tired him out by maliciously fouling off his precious pitches. Then they started to hit him (figuratively - don't you dare think otherwise), using their secret weapon DeWayne Wise. For that DeWayne Wise would hit a crushing home run off Tomlin, ending any hopes of making a gallant comeback and ensuring the forces of Evil Yankees would reign yet again.

Tomlin would leave after the third inning, but don't believe that he's defeated. He'll return to the mound to restore that innocence that was lost tonight. Maybe it will turn up in Baltimore, or perhaps he left it in his apartment in Cleveland. But it will return, and with it the hope of a nation. So when that still wind next blows through Cleveland, be heartened that the Little Cowboy will be there to have it be at his back, using it to give his pitches just a bit more moxie and heart.

Source: FanGraphs