Three Positives to take from Astros 8, Indians 1

Look, today was not a good game. We're all on board with that. But fortunately, it came after a stretch of four straight wins, and the Tribe is most definitely still in first place for today. And no matter what the "Pythagorean win percentage" might say, it only counts as one loss. When the Indians lose, they lose big, and when they win it's usually close. This has absolutely nothing to do with whether they're a good team or not. Whether they have too many days like today does help determine that, though, so let's avoid another one tomorrow Here are three positives:

1. It had seemed like Jason Kipnis had cooled off a tad over the past week or so, but here he is again with three hits!

2. Asdrubal Cabrera's power stroke has returned from its expedition into the abyss, and it's brought some home runs with it. Asked if it had brought Carlos Santana's power stroke with it, Cabrera's power stroke went silent and stared off into the distance, as if waiting for a sign from the horizon...

3. This team has had some issues with left handers, obviously, but Indians teams have had issues with left handers they have never heard of before since I started following the team. And still people act surprised every time it happens. The positive here? The Indians getting shut out by Dallas Keuchel does not mean they're awful at hitting. It means they're the Indians, which we already knew. They MIGHT be awful at hitting, I'll give you that, but not because they got shut out by Dallas Keuchel.

There. How's that for some logics? Tribe going for the series win tonight in the Republic of Texas. Enjoy.

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