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Tribe News and Notes: June 22, 2012


The Best Trading Partners For Carlos Lee - The Crawfish Boxes

The Best Trading Partners For Houston Astros Starter Wandy Rodriguez - The Crawfish Boxes

With the Indians in Houston this weekend, it seems a good time to look at potential trade targets. The Astros are rebuilding, and so both Carlos Lee and Wandy Rodriguez will be available. The Indians could use both, though their first priority should be finding an upgrade in left field.

Lee is in the last year of his contract, but he has a no-trade clause that allows him to prevent a trade to 14 teams. The list hasn't been made public, but apparently most of the teams on the list are AL clubs, so Lee would most likely have to approve a potential trade to the Indians.

Rodriguez is signed through 2013 ($13M) with a 2014 club option that becomes a player option if traded, so he has a similar contract status to Ubaldo Jimenez when the Indians acquired him. The major difference is that Jimenez was signed through two more seasons, and for a lot less money. So I don't think it will take nearly as much to land Rodriguez and it did Jimenez, but with a lot of buyers out there, it will take a least a couple good prospects.

Lonnie Chisenhall isn't worrying about walks in producing for the Cleveland Indians |

Chisenhall picked up his first walk of the season on Wednesday (in 60 plate appearances), and his lack of plate discipline is concerning. Eventually pitchers will adjust to his hacktastic approach at the plate, and he'll need to take those pitches designed to make him chase outside of the zone.

Chisenhall is not concerned about his lack of walks.

"If I'm overly patient it turns from patient to passive," he said. "I know they're worried about the walks, but I'm not looking to walk right now. If a guy walks me, he walks me. But I'm looking for a good, hard swing."