Three Positives to take from Reds 7, Indians 1

Oh boy. I think the team itself is for the most part doing pretty good, but this is probably the toughest time in the last several weeks that I've had coming up with three positives from a game. This may get silly before we're done...

1. Michael Brantley kept his hitting streak going. We're up to 19 games now, I think... that's assuming I'm good at counting, which is probably not a good assumption. He was immediately thrown out trying to steal, but hey, he's a number five hitter now, who needs steals?

2. Jeanmar Gomez now has a career batting average of .500. HE IS BETTER THAN TY COBB.

3. Manny Acta pulled the Tribe's first double switch of the season in this game. The Indians are now one with the true spirits of baseball. Which are something like the Great Kings of the Past, I think.

Tomorrow, we do not face Johnny Cueto, and Derek Lowe is pitching. Behold, a new day dawns!

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