Three Positives to take from Cardinals 2, Indians 0

I didn't actually get a chance to follow this one. It was a very busy Saturday, probably one of several to come over the next month or so... I'm getting married and then moving cross-country, among other things, but I can read a box score, and it seems like there were some fairly obvious positives to take from today's loss. Shall we?

1. Justin Masterson, as was pointed out in the recap, has four quality starts in his last five outings, and today he looked like an ace, giving up five hits in seven innings. It was probably his second best start of the year after Opening Day.

2. Michael Brantley has the longest hitting streak in baseball right now. It's up to 17 games, and he's looked pretty darn good doing it. I would never in my life have thought he'd be a serviceable number five hitter, but right now he seems to be.

3. Considering the fears many people had/have about this offense, 57 games into the season is a long time into the season to go without getting shut out. Right? I mean, it has to be... right? My first thought when I saw the box score was that it felt like it had been a long time since we'd had a game like this one, and it turns out I was right.

Tomorrow's another day. Jimenez versus a call-up righty (thank you Apollo) making his major league debut. Let's go out and win the series!

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