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Bastian: Indians to Announce Santana Contract Tomorrow

Carlos Santana, soon to be a lot wealthier.
Carlos Santana, soon to be a lot wealthier.


On Monday night, learned that Cleveland has reached an agreement with Santana on a multiyear contract that will likely cover his arbitration years and possibly his first year of free-agent eligibility. The specific terms of the catcher's new deal were not immediately available.

The Indians would neither confirm nor deny that an agreement is in place, but an official announcement is expected Tuesday.

Santana has just over one year of service time, so a contract that would buy out a year of free agency would be through the 2017 season. If the deal is just through arbitration, it would be through the 2016 season.

I would be remiss not to mention that LGT commenter Noir Jim Tressel broke the news on Friday.