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Game 16: Royals 8, Indians 2


The Indians were out-pitched and out-hit by the Royals, who snapped their 12-game losing streak.

Ubaldo Jimenez had an outing very similar to his last one in Oakland; lots of pitches, difficult innings, and just about out of gas by the fifth inning. Yes, he kept the Indians in the game, and based on the opportunities they got after Jimenez was done, they had a decent chance to come back and win the game, but that doesn't change the fact that Jimenez isn't going deep into games. He was bouncing his splitter all night, so Kansas City batters took that pitch out of their minds, and that makes a difference in an outing. Another concern is that the velocity on his fastball isn't mid-90s, but low-90s, which again makes a major difference in his effectiveness. So I do credit Jimenez for keeping his team in the game (if Jason Kipnis fields the grounder hit by Alex Gordon in the second, he only gives up two runs instead of four), but I am also concerned that he just doesn't have the tools to be a power pitcher right now.

Also, Rafael Perez is not right. Yes, he got out of the eighth without allowing a run, but that was due more to luck than anything. His velocity is way off what it usually is, and his stuff is just mediocre. There almost has to be a lingering physical problem with him; I don't see any other explanation for his performance. And if he's not going to be effective enough to use in late-game situations, then a DL stint might be best for both he and the club.

Even with these developments, the Indians had the tying run in scoring position in the seventh inning, but Asdrubal Cabrera's line drive was caught, and the Royals broke the game open with four off Jairo Asencio in the ninth.

Source: FanGraphs