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Game 10: Mariners 4, Indians 1

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Pre-Game: Justin Smoak is out with a sore hamstring, so Seattle will be Dustin Ackley will move over to first, and Munenori Kawasaki will play second. For the Indians, Cunningham is in for Brantley, so Jason Donald will lead off, and Jose Lopez will be at third. Right-handed hitters are hitting .268/.327/.435 versus Jason Vargas over the course of his career, which is probably why Acta chose this to be the bench day. Also, King Felix is going tomorrow, so you need all your best hitters tomorrow.

Bottom 1st: Derek Lowe, who has been the Tribe's best pitcher, takes the mound. Chone Figgins greets him with a leadoff homer, and just like that, the Indians trail 1-0. Icihiro follows with another home run, and it's 2-0.

Bottom 2nd: More trouble for Lowe, as Brendan Ryan and Dustin Ackley single...Now Ichiro walks, a rare occurrence, to load the bases. Another walk, and the Mariners are up 3-0. Looks like the Indians are going to have to score some runs again tonight.

Top 3rd. True to form on the road, the Indians respond. Jason Kipnis drives home Aaron Cunningham with a sac fly. No big inning, though.

Bottom 4th: Lowe continuing to pile up the walks and the pitch count. Brendan Ryan, career line of .255/.314/.341, walks for the sixth time in a game-and-a-half. And...the Mariners score again, thanks to two more singles. It looks like a Cleveland starter won't be going deep into a game yet again.

Bottom 5th: Lowe's done, thanks to yet another walk as well as a single. This time an opposing pitcher isn't as accommodating as the previous four games, so the Indians just can't fall behind anymore. The bullpen is going to have to hold the Mariners right here. Jairo Asencio does a good job defusing the inning.

Top 6th: First major opportunity of the game goes by the boards after Duncan strikes out and Lopez grounds out.

Bottom 7th: Hagadone in to get more work. Looks impressive, striking out two swinging.

Top 9th: Not looking good, as the Indians are down 3 and facing closer Brandon League. That was fast, the inning is over on 5 pitches.

Post-Game: Well, the fun was going to stop at some point. Now the Indians really need a good start tomorrow, as the bullpen just can't be used for 5+ innings every game. See you tomorrow.

Source: FanGraphs