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Game time!

Not really, but the Indians do have their first intrasquad game in camp today (noon, local Goodyear time). It is just four innings, but it includes lineups and everything, with the two squads coached by 3B coach Steve Smith and AAA manager Mike Saurbaugh.

Sarbaugh:				Smith:
Carrera, CF Santana, C
Donald, SS Hafner, DH
Chisenhall, 3B Kipnis, 2B
Duncan, DH Lopez, 3B
Canzler, 1B LaPorta, 1B
Lewis, LF Spilborghs, RF
Marson, C Crowe, LF
Huffman, RF Pie, CF
LaRoche, 2B Diaz, SS
Seddon, P Tomlin, P

Also pitching will be Hagadone, Accardo, Herrmann, Lee and Tejeda. Bench players available include; Kotchman, Neal, Choo, Chen, Cabrera, Weglarz, Brantley, Hannahan, Hernandez and Phelps.