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Last two spots on the bench

This will be the last pre-spring training roster battle poll, and also the most complex. The Indians starting lineup looks fairly set going into spring training, with third base a possible exception. Assuming Jason Donald is the primary utility player (and his flexibility suggests he should be), there are two sets of possibilities for the final two roster spots. The first set assumes that Hannahan is the opening day starter at 3B and Chisenhall starts in Columbus. If this is the case, the final two spots are a 4-way battle for two 4th OFer/RH-bat/1B spots between Cunningham (out of options), Duncan (out of options), LaPorta and Canzler. The second set of possibilities involves Chisenhall getting the start at 3B and Hannahan occupying a backup 1B/3B position on the roster. In this second scenario, there is only one free roster spot and it has to go to someone who can play the OF. Which option do you prefer heading into spring training?