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Hoynes: Indians Close to Signing Mark Reynolds to 1-Year Contract

Kevin Youkilis still hasn't signed with anyone, but the Indians apparently are moving on by inking their backup plan.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

From Paul Hoynes:

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Indians are close to signing free-agent slugger Mark Reynolds to a one-year $6 million deal.

Last season Reynolds played 108 games at first, 15 at third base and 12 at DH. With Lonnie Chisenhall scheduled to play third for the Indians in 2013, Reynolds will probably start at first, although the Indians are also looking for a DH.

In theory this should not preclude them from also signing Kevin Youkilis as they have at-bats available at DH and, depending on how Lonnie Chisenhall fares, third base. Plus, from a financial standpoint, Reynolds at 1/$6M isn't much of a burden to take on from either a contract length standpoint or a 2013 payroll standpoint.

If Reynolds is the everyday first baseman, he'll be quite a different player than the one who manned the position for the Indians in 2012. Casey Kotchman was a good defender at first base, but that was the end of his contributions. Reynolds just this past season became an everyday player at first base, mainly to find a position for him that wouldn't cause him to give back on defense what he'd provide on offense.

More to come...