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Winter Meetings Day 3 Recap + Day 4 Open Thread

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Indians talking to Swisher, Youkilis, Reynolds and others. 4-way blockbuster still on hold. Rule 5 today. Cody Allen and Tim Fedroff win minor league awards.

Let me at those free agents.
Let me at those free agents.

Free agent signings yesterday:

  • Joe Blanton: 2 years/$15MM - Angels
  • Nate Schierholtz: 1 yr/$2.25MM - Cubs
  • Jeff Francis: 1 yr/terms unknown - Rockies
  • Randy Choate: 3 yrs/$7.5MM - Cardinals
  • Sean Burnett: 2 yrs/$8MM - Angels
  • Jason Bay: 1 yr/??? - Mariners
  • Eric Chavez: 1 yr/$3MM - Diamondbacks
  • Nate McLouth: 1 yr/$2MM - Orioles
  • Jeff Keppinger: 3 yrs/$12 MM - White Sox
  • Marco Scutaro: 3 yrs/$20MM - Giants
Trades yesterday:

Pittsburgh acquired Andy Oliver from Detroit for minor league catcher Ramon Cabrera

Rumors yesterday:

The Indians may or may not be
There are no rumors of the Indians trying to trade Chris Perez to anyone, or, for that matter, anyone being interested in Chris Perez. No fire, no smoke. If the Indians are actively trying to trade Perez, they are being super ninja.

Today's big event at the WM: The Rule 5 Draft. The Indians do have an open roster spot and could make a pick. has put together a list of 20 players who might change teams, including the Tribe's Jesus Aguilar.

In other Tribe news, awards season continues apace, as Cody Allen and Tim Fedroff won Indians awards as top minor leaguers.

Terry Francona made an appearance at the Winter Meetings. He may have called a free agent or two.