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Tribe News and Notes, December 24, 2012

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It's Swishmas Eve, everybody! Some news to pass along to you, in addition to Nick Swisher's Ohio homecoming...

Mike Stobe

  • If you missed it, the Indians also agreed to add Scott Kazmir to their spring training invitee list. This Cub fan really wanted him. Sorry, sir—you get Feldman, Jackson, Villanueva and Baker instead.
  • The Pirates probably traded their closer Joel Hanrahan (UNLEASH THE RHINRO?) to Boston for Jerry Sands and Stolmy Pimentel. Pimentel has a strong future ahead of him, which will likely land him in the All Name Team Hall of Fame. Apparently the deal is now pending a physical.
  • The Diamondbacks added Cody Ross to their outfield conundrum—on a 3-year contract. The loser of The Swisher Sweepstakes will probably be on the phone with Kevin Towers quickly thereafter.
  • The Mariners agreed to sign Raul Ibañez, but only after they were convinced to by USSChoo.
  • LGFT Jose Lopez is likely headed to the Astros.
  • The Rays are expected to start WIl Myers' season in the minor leagues.