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Swisher Contract Details

Paul Hoynes has the contract details:

This backloading means that (assuming a theoretical $75M payroll) the Indians have about $9-10M to spend on a starting pitcher or another position player. Also keep in mind that the money from the new national TV deal kicks in next season, plus whatever extra money comes from a possible sale of STO.

This information conflicts with earlier reports saying that Swisher's vesting 2017 option is easily obtainable:

550 Plate Appearances isn't something that I'd classify as easy to get, especially from a 35-year-old position player. If he would go on the 15-day DL, that option would be in serious jeopardy, as he'd lose approximately 60 Plate Appearances (he had 624 in 2012). If he missed a month, the vesting option would almost certainly not trigger. In other words, the option would trigger only if Swisher started roughly 120 games.