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The Indians Are Going After Edwin Jackson? Whuh?

Nick Swisher has left the building, but it now appears that Edwin Jackson may get that money burning a hole in Dolan's pocket if Swisher turns it down.

Plan B?
Plan B?
Patrick McDermott

Apparently, the Indians have a Plan B in case of Nick Swisher signing elsewhere. It's Edwin Jackson.

That's all very well and good, but it would still leave a black hole in right field.

And that Kendry Morales speculation? Wishful thinking. He's now a Mariner, traded for Jason Vargas. All the spin was that the Angels wanted an innings-eating starter, something the Indians did not happen to have in surplus.

Say hello to Joe Martinez and Brian Jeroloman. They'll be wearing Indians uniforms in Goodyear, having received minor league deals with Spring Training invites. Jeroloman - the next Luke Carlin. Martinez - pitching depth. You may remember Martinez spent 2011 with the Clippers.

Back to Nick Swisher: Apparently, up to 6 teams may be courting Swisher:

Assuming that Swisher left Cleveland with an offer, that means he has one offer from another team and up to 4 more teams that are "in the mix." One of those other teams is likely the Rangers, who are talking to Pier$%QW% and Cody Ross as well.

And the lower tier starting pitchers keep coming off the table. The Cubs have apparently signed Carlos Villanueva:

Still hoping the Indians can move Asdrubal Cabrera? A St. Louis writer looks at the free agent middle infield market, and it's pretty bleak if you are a team needing middle infield production.

And finally, in case you missed the fanshot of this article, the interview with the Fire Joe Morgan guys is pretty awesome.

The floor is now open for today's news, rumors, speculations, and wishes.