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Nick is Coming to Town (News and Notes, 12/18)

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Nick Swisher is making his list and checking it twice, seeing if the Indians are naughty or nice.

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Stephen Dunn

Look lively, folks. Be on your best behavior: the Nick Swisher Road Show hit Cleveland last night.

The Giants have extended Santiago Casilla for 3/$15MM.

The Tigers may also be willing to move Drew Smyly and/or Rick Porcello.

Justin Masterson thinks he might know why things went so wrong for him last year, and he's working on fixing it.

The Lake County Captains have announced a baseball academy at Classic Park.

Hey Hoynsie is back for another appearance (standard warnings apply). This time, a reader asks him about Grady Sizemore returning as DH. And then another reader asks about Jim Thome returning to DH. Nobody asked about Hafner returning as DH.

Terry Pluto weighs in on the Indians' off-season moves (also contains Browns and Cavs content).

So, report all your Nick Swisher rumors and sightings and other comments on the day in off-season baseball here, crimestoppers.