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News and Notes, November 6, 2012

The Awards Will Be Televised! Joe Charboneau and MLB awards all will be making TV appearances. Plus, Jason Kipnis wins an award - for defense.

As late night host Craig Ferguson is fond of saying, "It's a great day for America, everybody." It's particularly great in Ohio, where our long statewide political advertising nightmare is over, and now we can go back to the local car dealership commercials we didn't realize that we missed. Bring on the Dancing Hamsters!

First up, some Tribe news:

Wilson has named Jason Kipnis the Indians recipient of the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year. For what that's worth. Maybe it'll sell a few gloves. Somebody has to get this thing. Why not Kipnis?

Remember Joe Charboneau, ex-Indians superstar rookie who famously could open a beer bottle with his eye socket? He's on a new reality show on HGTV. Really, I'm not making this up.

And now some baseball news:

For those who like lists: Jon Heyman's Top 40 Free Agents with his estimate of cost.

David Ortiz is staying in Boston

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick polls baseball executives on Hot Stove issues. Shockingly, they don't think there's a market for ARod and that the Yankees will be stuck with him.

If you like watching award ceremonies, then you'll be happy to know that MLB TV will be televising the various award ceremonies (ROY, Cy Young, MVP, Manager of the Year), on four days, starting next Monday. I doubt there will be a guest appearance by Beyonce, but one can hope.

The winner of the Players Choice Award for NL Outstanding Player is not who you think it is. The players have chosen Miguel Cabrera for the AL Award and not Mike Trout, though he got the AL Outstanding Rookie award.

Go to school or a World Series victory parade.? I know which I'd choose, and San Francisco did the same. Huffington Post runs the numbers.