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Marvin Miller Dies (News and Notes 11/27)

Long-time baseball union head Marvin Miller has died. And other news from Cleveland and around the league.

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This just in: Marvin Miller has died. Miller was the first head of the MLB players union (MLBPA), got the league's first collective bargaining agreement and was the legal brains behind getting free agency for the players in the 1970s and the overturning of the reserve clause. He may have changed baseball more than any non-player over the last 40 years.

Now, what little Indians news there is:

Former bullpen coach Dave Miller has a new gig scouting. In case you were wondering who Dave Miller is, flash back to that great picture of Shin-Soo Choo with K-pop sensations Wonder Girls. Dave Miller is the guy who is not Shin-Soo Choo.

The Tribe appears to be kicking the tires on Nick Swisher.

The Indians have been "actively engaged in both free agent and trade conversations," says GM Chris Antonetti in this article from Jordan Bastian.

Longtime Indians beat writer Russ Schneider is once again a finalist for the highest award the BBWAA offers.

In case your Indians box wasn't swanky enough, now you can buy a place in the Premium Club.

Former Tribe farmhand Jose de la Torre has re-signed with the Sawx. You might remember (or you might be trying to forget) that de la Torre was the player traded to Bahston for the Hobbit. Speaking of the Hobbit, Jeff Sullivan uses him as a case study in the perception of value. See how I've now mentioned the Hobbit twice now in hopes of this article showing up in searches for the movie which opens soon? Can you tell it's the offseason and that we're all just throwing spaghetti at the wall for content and hoping something sticks?

And now the Warm Stove news from around the league:

Jeff Clement is now a Twin.

Evan Longoria is signed to be a Tampa Bay Ray for a very, very long time.

The Reds appear close to signing Jonathan Broxton to a three-year deal which could move Aroldis Chapman to the rotation.

Andy Pettitte appears to want to pitch until his arm falls off.

If you bat left-handed and play third base even a little, you will keep getting chances to stick with a Major League team.