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Why Rafael Furcal's Elbow Matters (News and Notes 11/20)

Cardinals get good news on Rafael Furcal, LGFT Mike Hargrove outed as candidate for Blue Jays manager, Hey Hoynsie strikes again and more news and notes.

Good news for Rafael Furcal might take the St. Louis Cardinals out of the market for Asdrubal Cabrera. Furcal is now expected to be 100% for Spring Training. You may now officially stop coveting the Cardinals' young arms. Of course, given Furcal's injury of history, the Cardinals might need a shortstop come mid-April.

Those sneaky Toronto Blue Jays apparently have been conducting their due diligence on LGFT Mike Hargrove. It makes some sense given they're officially adding veterans and shedding prospects.

Hey Hoynsie is back like a bad penny. As always, read the comments at your own risk. You may compare and contrast with Jordan Bastian's Inbox

The Indians continue to accumulate outfielders: Matt Carson and Cedric Hunter, you're next up on the Columbus to Cleveland outfield shuttle.

Indians trying to trade Choo and/or Cabrera for front-line pitching? I'm shocked, shocked.