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Torii the Tiger And Other News (11/15 Notes)

Torii Hunter, noted Indians killer, is back in the AL Central, Cy Young winners announced, reaction to THE TRADE and other Hot Stove news. MVPs announced today - Cabrera vs. Trout - who's your MVP?

The Marlins-Blue Jays trade has everyone talking, including Chris Antonetti. And Joe Posnanski wonders - Why would you go to a Marlins game?

Jonah Keri on Jeffrey Loria:

I don't blame him for any of this. I'm just impressed by how well he worked everything to his advantage, taking advantage of elected officials, short-sighted businessmen, and a system that rewards the kind of behavior that might seem despicable but is impossibly profitable. When it comes to Jeffrey Loria, I'm just in awe.

If I were Scott Maine, I would not be making any definitive travel plans for spring,since his destination keeps changing.

Luke Carlin is now an Angel.

Hoynsie reporting that Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez is "drawing healthy interest"

Johnny Damon will be trying to help Thailand qualify for the WBC.

Your 2012 Cy Young winners: David Price (AL) and RA Dickey (NL).

You can't spell "Detroit Tigers" without TORII. The Tigers just got better, again. And don't forget they have Victor Martinez coming back as well.

Joe Posnanski takes on the Cabrera vs Trout smackdown for AL MVP (to be announced today).