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Tribe News and Notes, October 3, 2012

Let's do this a little differently this time. More notes than news...

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Justin Masterson, by pitching coach; 2010-2012

Masterson-Belcher 396 3.89 .700 2.16
Masterson-Radinsky 150 4.68 .711 1.79
Masterson-Niebla 56.1 5.59 .802 1.86


The Seattle Mariners are bringing in the fences at Safeco field.

Details here.


Travis Hafner hit a home run Tuesday that is likely the last he'll hit as an Indian. He will be in the lineup again Wednesday though.

Video evidence.


With one day left in the MLB season, Tribe Trade Target Chase Headley leads the NL in RBI. I wonder what Shaptonetti offered for him.


Yeah, okay.


Elsewhere, the Dodgers are eliminated and the Braves will play the Cardinals Friday. Medlen vs. Lohse, probably.

The Braves must not be happy with Selig, having to play a game against a team they're way better than to get in.