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Open Thread: Offseason Plans

Well, baseball season is now officially over with, but for us Tribe fans, the season's been over since mid-July. So today feels like more of a beginning than an ending.

Andy Lyons

As mentioned somewhere else (I forget where), I'll be maintaining these open threads through the offseason, though they'll have more of an off-topic feel to them. Use these threads to discuss whatever is on your mind, whether it be Indians talk or something else. I'll start things off with a couple topics, one baseball-related and one not baseball-related.

Baseball Topic: We'll be starting the offseason topics beginning this week. But before we get in-depth into specific players and trade possibilities, what would your first-blush shopping list look like? Without thinking about things too deeply, here's mine, in order:

1. SS Elvis Andrus - I somehow keep trying to make a Choo/Chris Perez for Andrus/prospect trade work in my head, but that's probably the only place it makes sense. Andrus is a free agent in two years, and he's also a Scott Boras client, but by the time he leaves one of the shortstop prospects in the system should be ready. Yeah, for the Rangers it makes more sense to deal Andrus/prospect to Arizona for Justin Upton, but if that happens the Indians don't get to fill any holes.

2. 1B Ike Davis - Again, I don't know if the Indians have what the Mets are looking for, but he fits the first base hole rather well.

3. LHP Tyler Skaggs - why did I have the Indians acquire Andrus? To give the Indians an defensive upgrade, as well as allow the Indians to trade Cabrera to Arizona for pitching and perhaps an outfielder.

4. OF Gerardo Parra - this is less likely now that Arizona traded Chris Young, but he'd be a good buy-low target.

5. OF Melky Cabrera - speaking of buying low...

Only one free agent among these four, but I don't see the Indians being that active in the free agent market, at least at first glance.

I'm sure I'll be modifying this list as I delve more deeply into the available players.

Non-Baseball Topic: Now that there's a three-hour hole in your evenings, how are you filling it? Are you catching up on movies, TV shows, video games, books, or are you involved in other activities?

I've been catching up on my TIVO backlog, which consists mostly of TCM movies and old Person of Interest episodes, and also watching a couple of TV series on Netflix streaming: Breaking Bad (which I'm ashamed to admit I haven't watched until now), and the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series. Now that there's no playoff games to watch (and outdoor work is done), I'll probably be looking around for some winter reading material. Any suggestions?