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Sunday News and Notes: October 28, 2012

This is the dead zone of baseball news, as there's a league-wide embargo on announcements during the World Series. That doesn't mean that we can't still talk about the Tribe, though.

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Indians News

The DiaTribe: Prospect Stock Watch

Al looks at some players that weren't top prospects going into the season, but have greatly improve their stock in 2012. Danny Salazar and Tim Fedroff are the ones that could help the Indians as soon as this season, and could help to bridge the current prospect gap between Kipnis and Chisenhall and the group that spent the season in Lake County or Carolina.

The Indians are expected to decline its option on DH Travis Hafner | News

Declining Hafner's 2013 option will be the easiest decision of the winter. However, there's still a possibility that the Indians could keep Pronk around. He's not going to have that many options, as many clubs have gone away from having a full-time DH, and not many teams are going to want to sign a player who's at best a part-time player. The Indians are already going to pay Hafner $2.75M in 2013 with their buyout, and I don't think it would take that much more to sign him for 2013.

MLB News

MLB looks to protect pitchers from line drives - ESPN

I don't think having pitchers wear a batting helmet would be practical, but the article does mention a cap liner, which could work without adversely affecting a pitcher's delivery.

World Series Game 3: Another shutout, another win - McCovey Chronicles

Now the Tigers will have to do what no one has ever done in a World Series; come back from a 3-0 deficit.

Other News

East Prepares for Monster Storm -

For those that are directly in the path of Hurricane Sandy (which looks like anywhere from Virginia to New England), please take care.

Those of us in Northeast Ohio are likely going to get a lot of rain and wind, and perhaps power outages, so I'll have some things in the post queue in case I'm affected.