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News and Notes, October 22, 2012

Monday morning's spin around baseball reveals a ton of news that happened over the weekend.

Chung Sung-Jun
  • Major League Baseball announced the 2012 Comeback Players of the Year. Buster Posey was the NL choice and Fernando Rodney won in the AL. I thought it would be a 3-way race between White Sox: Dunn, Rios and Peavy. As a fan of Peavy's when he was a Padre, I was hoping he'd win—and have irrational hopes that we sign him in the offseason.
  • Posey's Giants won games 5 and 6 of the NLCS, forcing a game 7 Monday. But will it rain?
  • As expected, the Red Sox hired John Farrell as their next post-Francona manager. "As compensation, the Jays received infielder Mike Aviles, while the Sox receive right-hander David Carpenter as compensation."
  • Japanese high school pitcher Shohei Otani wants to sign a contract in the states rather than one in Japan.
  • CC Sabathia is having issues with bone spurs in his elbow again. If his conversations with Andrews don't go as he wants, will he pretend they never took place at all?
  • If you missed it, there was a 3-way trade of sorts a couple days ago.
  • Indians arbitration eligibles, from MLBTR.
  • The SBN blog FakeTeams is going with 165 strikeouts for Zach McAllister in 2013. (Dr!nk?)