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Hoynes: Alomar to Interview Thursday, Francona Friday

It certainly looks like it's a two-horse race, as the Indians will be interviewing Sandy Alomar and Terry Francona later this week, and nobody else it appears:

With the regular season ending Wednesday, acting manager Sandy Alomar is scheduled to interview Thursday and Terry Francona on Friday to be the franchise's next full-time manager. Francona is still trying to work around his schedule as an ESPN baseball analyst.

I have to admit I'm conflicted a bit between the two candidates. Alomar's the young up-and-coming manager who has deep ties to the organization and is one of the most popular players in team history, while Terry Francona has won two World Series, has a very good track record of bringing along young players, and is young enough (52) to manage 7-10 years if everything works out on the field. Francona is only 6 years older than Alomar, so it's not really a young guy versus old guy decision. Plus I think there's going to be massive player turnover this winter, so experience with the current players may not really count for much.