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Tribe News and Notes, 10/11/12

Walk-off mania, and the ripple effects of the Francona hiring. Plus, Shin-Soo Choo is up for a major award.

The Sorry It's Late But Life Intervenes Edition of News and Notes:

First up - although Sandy Alomar has been offered a place on Terry Francona's staff, there's no guarantee that he will be with the organization long enough to take it. He's rumored to be a candidate for the Rockies manager position as well as the Red Sox opening.

In other fallout from the Terry Francona hiring, Drew Sharp speculates that Jim Leyland's hand in negotiations with Detroit is strengthened.

Les Levine has an interesting take on how Hal Lebovitz proposed to change the infield fly rule that would have eliminated the mess in Atlanta last week.

Gotta love postseason baseball:

  • One moment, you are a good hit/no field aging journeyman fourth outfielder and the next moment, you're a YANKEE HERO. Gotta hand it to Girardi, though, for having the guts to pinch-hit for A-Rod with the game on the line.
  • One moment, you're poised to move on to the next round with your closer the Big Potato on the mound. Then, cereal happens. (LGFT content.)
  • The Reds-Giants game was not nearly as dramatic, with the Giants forcing a game 5 in a no-doubter.

And if you like voting for awards, then you can vote for Shin-Soo Choo to win the Hank Aaron Award (though, really, if the guy who won the Triple Crown doesn't win this award, it lessens whatever value this award might have).