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News and Notes 10/10/2012, Francocona Edition

Francona still dominates the news; one of his former Boston outfielders makes a great catch

  • Lee Igel of Forbes takes a look at how Francona fits in Cleveland: Link
  • Crain's Cleveland Business says each team will get $26 million from the new TV deal's Central Fund. Obviously, giving the Indians an extra $26 million helps them more than giving the Yankees that much helps the Yankees. These TV deals begin in 2014.
  • Francona reportedly has an out clause in his contract if his superiors are fired. Antonetti and Francona would not comment on this. More from the just-linked article:

Asked if Tim Belcher would be considered as pitching coach, Antonetti said, "When Tim stepped away from the job, there were personal reasons. That would be something that we'd have to work through. Tim has remained in the organization because we value his contribution."

Sandy Alomar Jr., who has one year left on his contract with the Indians, said Monday he expects to join Francona's coaching staff.

Antonetti said the coaches who ended the season under Alomar -- interim pitching coach Ruben Niebla, first-base coach Tom Wiedenbauer, third-base coach Steve Smith, hitting coach Bruce Fields, bullpen coach Dave Miller and bullpen coaches Armando Camacaro and Francisco Morales -- will receive consideration on the new staff.

Around the majors

Homer Bailey took another no-hitter into the sixth inning, but the Giants beat Cincy 2–1 in ten innings.

Brett Anderson's first start in 20 days went well; aided by this catch by Coco Crisp, the Athletics forced a game 4.