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News and Notes: January 2, 2012

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As the offseason enters the final stretch, the Indians are still looking for that elusive corner bat. Meanwhile, there have been some moves elsewhere that indirectly affect the Indians:

Padres acquire OF Quentin from White Sox - Sacramento Sports - | Sacramento Bee
The White Sox dealt Carlos Quentin, who fits the profile of the type of hitter the Indians are looking for, to the San Diego Padres for two pitching prospects. Quentin is one year away from free agency, and with this and other recent trades, it looks like the White Sox are taking a step back in order to rebuild. Quentin would certainly have been on Chris Antonetti's trade radar, but making an off-season trade within the division is a rare occurrence.

For one year of Quentin, the White Sox received two pitching prospects, though neither are considered potential stars. Simon Castro has a good fastball/slider combination, and if he doesn't work out as a starter, he should move quite easily into a relief role. Pedro Hernandez could help at the major-league level, though his upside isn't that high. At first glance, it seems that the White Sox could have gotten more for Quentin. Majors: Trade Central: Blue Jays Reacquire Frasor In First Trade Of 2012
Ken Williams wasn't done dealing, as he also traded Jason Frasor, who will also be a free agent after the season, to the Toronto Blue Jays for a couple of more pitching prospects. Frasor came up with and pitched most of his 8-season career with Toronto. Frasor was dealt to Chicago last July as part of the multi-step, eleven-player deal that sent Colby Rasmus to Toronto. Logically, if you're going to deal Quentin, you also have to deal other tradable players who are that close to free agency. John Danks, who signed at extension just a couple days ago, presumably would have been trade bait as well if a deal hadn't gotten done.

RHP Myles Jaye, who is only 20 years old, has only pitched at the Rookie-League level, so is at least a couple of years away, though he does seem to have upside. Daniel Webb is also a couple years away, and projects as a reliever.