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Indians Avoid Arbitration with Five; Cabrera and Rafael Perez Still Unsigned

The Indians came to terms with five of their seven arbitration-eligible players yesterday, the day when clubs and players exchange numbers.

  • Shin-Soo Choo: $4.9M (second arbitration year)
  • Justin Masterson: $3.85M (first year)
  • Chris Perez: $4.5M (second year)
  • Joe Smith: $1.75M (second year)
  • Jack Hannahan: $1.35M (first year)

The two arbitration-eligible players not yet signed are Asdrubal Cabrera and Rafael Perez. The Indians haven't gone to arbitration with a player in over two decades, but in Cabrera's case, I'm hoping that the delay means that long-term deal negotiations are ongoing.