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Ten Goals for the Remainder of September

More of this, please
More of this, please


  1. Wrap Asdrubal Cabrera, Shin-Soo Choo and Justin Masterson in bubblewrap until next Spring
  2. No more injuries
  3. Find playing time and get positive at-bats out of Chisenhall, Kipnis, Phelps and Donald
  4. Carlos Santana finish the season on a hot-streak and pull his OPS over .800
  5. Lou Marson replicate his month of June, his best hitting month as a pro (.283/.327/.348)
  6. No more blow-ups from Ubaldo
  7. Get one or two starts from McAllister and Kluber
  8. More good outings from Nick Hagadone and Josh Judy
  9. Develop some sense of how broken is Grady Sizemore
  10. Watch a few more final homeruns from Jim Thome in a Tribe uniform