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Game 154: White Sox 8, Indians 4

Travis Hafner's two-run homer put the Indians ahead....briefly.
Travis Hafner's two-run homer put the Indians ahead....briefly.

It was looking really good until the seventh. Ubaldo Jimenez was looking good, and the Indians had just taken the lead on Travis Hafner's two-run homer.

Old nemesis Mark Buerhle was on the hill for Chicago. This was his 46th start versus the Indians, and usually he's either really good or really bad. Tonight he was very good, allowing four hits in six innings, but two of the hits were key. With one out in the sixth, Jason Kipnis doubled down the left field line, and two batters later, Travis Hafner hit a towering fly ball that just cleared the right field fence for his 13th home run of the year. The blast gave the Indians a 2-1 lead.

Meanwhile, Jimenez was having one of his better starts of the season. Going into the seventh inning, he had allowed one run on four hits and no walks, and struck our seven along the way. But two walks and two hits later, the White Sox took back the lead 4-2. The key hit of the inning was an Alejandro De Aza two-run single with two outs. Previously in the at-bat, Jimenez uncorked a wild pitch to send the two runners on base two second and third.

Chad Durbin came in to pitch the eighth, and removed all doubt by giving up three home runs in the inning. Durbin had been pitching better in the second half of the season (3.07 ERA), but he's given up runs in each of his last four appearances.

The Indians, who had been toying with having Josh Tomlin pitch on Saturday, wised up and shut him down for the remainder of the season. Instead, Mitch Talbot will be brought back to make the start.




Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Hafner .378 Jimenez -.336
Kipnis .034 Marson -.127
Carrera .013 Durbin -.118