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Indians sign top picks Francisco Lindor, Dillon Howard

More details to come. Howard signed in the final hour, Lindor evidently in the final minute.

[UPDATE (Ryan)]

Here's the details on the last-minute signings:

SS Francisco Lindor (1st Round): $2.9M, minor-league contract

Lindor had some leverage (a full scholarship at Florida State), but given where he was selected (8th overall), there wasn't much upside to waiting three years to go back into the draft. Tony Lastoria believes he'll get into some games in the Arizona League, and possibly end the minor-league season in Mahoning Valley or Lake County, though it's doubtful he'd play in either place.

RHP Dillon Howard (2nd Round): $1.85M, minor-league contract

According to Baseball America, the slot for this pick was $545,000, but as we've seen in recent years, clubs don't really pay attention to the slot. Howard had committed to Arkansas, and was going to be a tougher sign than Lindor. The Indians ended up paying him first-round money to forgo pitching for his home state college.

With Lindor and Howard signed (and 18th round selection Shawn Armstrong), the Indians have eighteen of their first nineteen picks signed. The two major misses were Stephen Tarpley (8th Round) and Dillon Peters (20th Round), two high-school left-handed pitchers who elected to go to college.