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Sunday Links: July 24, 2011

Today, two former Indians will enter the Hall of Fame. Though neither will have a Cleveland cap on his Hall of Fame plaque, both had excellent seasons while with the Indians. Blyleven finished third in Cy Young voting in 1984, and Roberto Alomar finished in the top 5 in MVP voting twice while with the Indians.

Bert Blyleven career highlights

THT's Chris Jaffe has collected many of Blyleven's key games during his long career. And some lowlights as well. For example...

April 28, 1985: In Baltimore, it’s another low point for Blyleven. As he leaves the field upon being lifted during in the bottom of the eighth inning, Blyleven gives the finger to the fans. He escapes with a no-decision after allowing six runs in seven innings.

Roberto Alomar career highlights

And here's Roberto Alomar's highlights as well.

Progressive Field Reviews, Cleveland Indians | Stadium Journey

Stadium Journey, a site dedicated to reviewing stadiums across the US, recently published a review of Progressive Field.

Paul Swaney, the reviewer, gives Progressive Field pretty good marks, though noting that "there are many elements that seem outdated when compared to the many newer and more modern facilities." Progressive Field is now among the older parks in MLB, and once Florida moves into their new park, it will be the 11th oldest stadium in MLB, tied with The Ballpark in Arlington. And two of the older stadiums (Angel Stadium and Kauffman) have had significant renovations in recent years.

Classic Park Reviews, Lake County Captains | Stadium Journey

Swaney also reviewed Classic Park in Eastlake while he was in the Cleveland area.