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Top Tribe All-Star Performances: #6 - Carlos Baerga, 1995

Box Score

Carlos Baerga ranks with Joe Carter as Indians that I originally thought were superstars but now seem rather pedestrian. Of course, it stands to reason that Baerga was one of the prospects sent over from San Diego for Carter in 1989. He was a regular at age 21, and put up a rather respectable .260/.300/.394 line. Usually when a player can at least hold his own at that young an age, a great career is waiting to enfold. And it certainly looked that way, though there were several warning signs. Baerga didn't walk all that much, and had a high average, so he collected 200 hits in 1992 and 1993, and was well on his way to getting 200 hits in 1994 before the strike ended things.

Baerga had compiled his usual high-average batting (.327/.367/.516) line in first half of 1995, and was voted onto the All-Star team along with three other Cleveland players (Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, and Manny Ramirez). The 1995 game was in Arlington, and Buck Showalter was the AL manager because the Yankees had the league's best record when the strike hit.

Baerga batted second in the AL lineup behind teammate Kenny Lofton, and singled in his first at-bat against Hideo Nomo, but was caught stealing. In his second at-bat, again singled, and scored on Frank Thomas' home run. He capped off his day with a double to lead off the sixth.

Carlos was only 26 in 1995, but he wouldn't appear in another All-Star Game. About 12 months later, he was dealt to the New York Mets in the midst of a poor 1996 season, and he didn't hit for power after that. He didn't play in the majors in the 2000 and 2001 seasons, and returned in 2002 as a bench player.