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Top Tribe All-Star Performances: #7 - Bobby Avila, 1954

Box Score

Bobby Avila got a late start to his career, not playing full-time until he was 26, but he quickly turned into one of the best second basemen in the game. In 1951, his second season, he finished 10th in MVP voting, and made his first All-Star Game appearance a year later. 1954 was easily his best season, and that held true for the All-Star game as well.

Cleveland Stadium hosted the All-Star game in 1954, and it turned out to be a great all-around game for Cleveland. The AL would win a wild game 11-9, and Avila was right in the middle of things. He started things off in the first inning with a one-out single, but he'd be stranded at second. In the third, however, his single touched off a four-run rally; he scored on a three-run homer. He drove in a run in the fourth inning with a sacrifice fly.

Avila topped his day off with an RBI single in the sixth inning, driving in Ted Williams to tie the game at 7. Avila would be removed in the bottom of the seventh, ending his day with a 3-for-3 line in 4 plate appearances.

I'll have more to say about this game later in the countdown.