Rolaids spells regression?

The bullpen has been awesome so far, but how much do you trust them? Chris Perez is probably going to the All-Star game, but I freak out every time he's in the game with a one-run lead. In contrast, they could call in Vinnie Pestano with the bases loaded, no one out and Ruth, Gehrig and Meusel coming up to bat, and I'd go root around the fridge for a baloney sandwich knowing there's no way they can score.

I wanted to see if there was any correlation between my gut feeling and some basic stats, so I put together this little table of our main relievers' performances so far.

Name ERA H/9 BB/9 HR/9 SO/9 BABIP
Chris Perez 2.84 5.7 5.7 0.0 5.7 0.222
Vinnie Pestano 1.56 5.7 3.1 0.5 10.9 0.256
Tony Sipp 1.33 4.9 3.1 0.4 6.2 0.182
Raffy Perez 1.13 6.2 3.4 0.0 6.2 0.244
Joe Smith 2.25 8.3 3.0 0.0 7.5 0.314
Chad Durbin 4.82 9.2 3.4 1.4 7.7 0.281

A few things that jumped out to me:

  • The two guys where my gut and the numbers seemed to contradict are Joe Smith and Tony Sipp. I usually start throwing things when Smith comes into the game, and feel an almost Pestano-like confidence when Sipp enters. But they've actually been a lot closer in performance. I was actually really surprised at how good Smith's numbers looked.
  • Chris Perez might be our worst reliever. He's striking out fewer batters and walking more than anyone in the pen. He's gotten a little lucky with BABIP and a lot lucky with home runs.
  • Chad Durbin is starting to look pretty good. His K/BB numbers on the season are good, and he's been a little unlucky with the long ball. And this might be a SSS coincidence, but Hoynes wrote a story a few weeks ago about how Durbin, who signed and came to camp late, finally felt like he was throwing his cutter right on April 27. Since then, he's pitched 10.1 innings with a 2.67 ERA, 10 Ks and 2 BBs. He had a rough couple outings in early April and doesn't seem to be in Manny's circle of late-game trust, but he could work his way in there soon.
  • Vinnie P is the man. That is all.

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