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Game 24: Indians 8, Royals 2

First things first: Kyle Davies was spectacularly awful. He grooved some pitches that I could have gotten hits off of. The ball that Santana hit deep into the right field seats would have been right at atop a plate of spaghetti. Davies has good stuff, but he doesn't belong in the majors right now. The look on his face after Duncan took him deep (0:15) was priceless.

But give the Indians credit for taking full advantage of a pitcher who doesn't belong in the big leagues. They hit four more home runs, including an impressive Grady Sizemore solo shot; he hooked a pitch that was knee-high and on the outer half of the plate over the wall in right-center. Shin-Soo Choo also hit an impressive homer to straight-away center into the teeth of a strong cross-wind.  It seemed as if the Indians didn't miss a single mistake.

Fausto Carmona rebounded from his poor start in Minnesota, giving up two runs, both coming in his seventh and final inning. Carmona had a brief lapse to start the second, but a mound visit from pitching coach Tim Belcher seemed to fix whatever was causing the problem. He wasn't dominant with the sinker, nor did he strike out a lot of batters, but all the same he had little trouble with the Royals.

The Indians have now won ten home games in a row, the first time that's happened since 1996. They're 4.5 games ahead of Kansas City and Detroit, and get the Tigers at home next. Alex White will be the first Tribe first round pick since Paul Shuey to appear in the majors within two years of being drafted when he makes his MLB debut Saturday.



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Carmona .194 LaPorta -.034
Choo .102 Babybrera -.022
Santana .089 Brantley -.008