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Head to Head to Head: Huff, McAllister and White

UPDATE: The voice of LGT has been heard. Alex White is the choice for Saturday's game

Obviously the front office has a decision to make in the next few days about who will replace Carlos Carrasco in the rotation. With Talbot on the DL as well, this could potentially be something lasting longer than 2-3 starts. Huff and McAllister are already on the 40-man roster, Alex White is not. There are a lot of factors, particularly in relation to White, who has objectively been the best of the bunch so far this season, that will go into this decision. Here are the comparisons of how the pitchers have fared thus far this season with a poll for you to make your choice:

D. Huff Z. McAllister A. White
Starts 4 3 4
IP/Start 6.0 5.7 5.9
K% (Ks) 8.1 (8) 13.5 (10) 28.9 (28)
BB% (BBs) 10.1 (10) 5.4 (4) 5.2 (5)
GB% 53.0 38.0 52.0
HRs 0 1 1
ERA 3.00 4.76 1.90
BAA .216 .281 .211

One other notable is that Huff's control problems have been almost exclusively against right-handed hitters (9 of his 10 walks). White and McAllister haven't shown any significant platoon effects thus far. So who do you choose?