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Game Eleven: Angels 2, Indians 0

You know the saying about momentum and starting pitchers, right? It applies here.

Dan Haren's one-hitter ended Cleveland's eight-game win streak. The Angels right-hander was originally scheduled to pitch in Monday's game, but because he was called upon to pitch in relief on Saturday, the Angels pushed his start back a day. The change in schedule didn't bother him a bit. He struck out eight and allowed just three base runners on 125 pitches; 79 of his pitches were for strikes.

Fausto Carmona pitched a fine game, although officially he was tagged with a loss. Carmona had to get out of a first inning jam, but after that, he sailed along without too much trouble. His two runs allowed came on two solo home runs, one in the third (Peter Bourjos) and one in the seventh (Mark Trumbo).



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Carmona .055 Brantley -.104
Herrmann .012 Hafner -.097
O Cabrera -.085


Next Up: Ervin Santana vs. Carlos Carrasco, 7:05 PM.