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Game Thread: March 30, 2011

The Indians face their AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers at 1:05 EST. The game is at Huntington Park in Columbus. The Clippers lineup per @TonyIPI:

lineup today: Carrerra CF Phelps DH Chisenhall 3B Brown RF Kipnis 2B Hodges 1B Valbuena SS Head LF Carlin C Huff P. Prob OD one to

And the Indians lineup, per @TribeInsider:

Tribe lineup today at C-Bus Brantley CF O Cabrera 2B Choo RF Santana CA Hafner DH Kearns LF Laporta 1B Hannahan 3B Everett SS McAllister P

Bastian explains McAllister is starting b/c Tomlin and Talbot are both pitching in AZ today.

UPDATE: Bastian says Asdrubal is being held out with sore hand.

UPDATE: Game was called after 2.1 innings because of snow.