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Quick Hits: Kearns Arrested for DUI, Aeros Selling More Gross Food


  • It went public this morning that Austin Kearns was arrested for a DUI in early February. The entire article is pretty unappetizing, including Kearns' mughshot (he's, umm, younger when he's not wearing a hat?). Apparently, Austin went with the old standby in speaking with police:
The Lexington officer said Kearns was "flashing his headlights and weaving on U.S. 68" in a 2007 Cadillac Escalade, according to the report. Kearns allegedly stopped the Escalade and then took off again, at which point the Lexington officer stopped the vehicle after receiving consent from Jessamine authorities...Kearns refused field sobriety tests and was "very unsteady on his feet," according to the report. Sponcil wrote that Kearns "advised that he played professional baseball and asked if I could cut him a break." [More info through the Central Kentucky News portal]
( Update: Bastian (as usual) has it covered for Appears that Kearns initially wanted to share with team but was instructed not to by his attorney)
  • In happier news, the Akron Aeros continue their assault on human decency with a total of 40 condiment choices now available for the Aeros' many oversized hot dog offerings. From WFNY (follow the link to read more details about the varying lengths and weights of dogs available):
Some of the options fans will see include peanut butter, jelly, macaroni and cheese, wasabi, chocolate chips and pineapple.  And for those that choose to not partake in a Fear Factor challenge can opt for the more traditional toppings like chili, relish, onions and peppers.