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Daily Tribe News: November 4, 2011


Cleveland Indians grant Boston permission to interview Sandy Alomar Jr. for manager's job; are Cubs also interested? |

Sandy Alomar didn't get the White Sox job, but he's going to interview for the Boston job. Hoynes also thinks that he'll interview for the other Chicago job opening.

Cot's Contracts: MLB Cleveland 11

As the Hot Stove season heats up, here's a handy table showing the contract status of everyone currently on the roster. As of today, the Indians have a net 2012 payroll of $22.70M, but that is not counting Fausto Carmona's option ($7.0M) and eight players who are eligible for arbitration. If you add Carmona's option plus estimates of the salaries for the arbitration-eligibles, I have the Indians' payroll at $54.70M, and that's only 14 players. So even assuming that each of the remaining 11 players on the 25-man roster make $450K next season, that's an Opening Day payroll of $60.0M. So there isn't a lot of room to make free agent signings.

Here's my SWAGs for the arbitration-eligibles. Of course, the Indians could also sign any of these players to a long-term deal instead.

Sipp $1.0M
Choo $5.5M
C. Perez $4.5M
Cabrera $5.0M
R. Perez $2.0M
J. Smith $1.5M
Duncan $1.0M
Hannahan $1.0M
Masterson $3.5M (might be low)



Major League Baseball 2011/2012 Hot Stove Tracker | November 3, 2011
All these free agent signings are by their 2011 clubs:

C Henry Blanco, Arizona

OF Juan Rivera, Los Angeles Dodgers

RHP Chien-Ming Wang Washington

IF John McDonald, Arizona