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Daily Tribe News/Playoffs Thread: October 9, 2011

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Neftali Felix allowed the lone hit by a Texas reliever, but he was otherwise untouchable in closing out the Tigers.
Neftali Felix allowed the lone hit by a Texas reliever, but he was otherwise untouchable in closing out the Tigers.

Worth the waits - Rangers hold on for rain-delayed 3-2 Game 1 win | Texas Rangers News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
A Justin Verlander start was again interrupted by rain. The top of the fifth inning took about two hours to complete, with two separate rain delays happening in the midst of a two-run inning. So Verlander was done after four innings, and Rick Porcello, who is supposed to start Game 4 pitched a couple innings in relief. C.J. Wilson, who was starting for Texas, came back after the first rain delay, but not after the second. So neither starter pitched long enough to qualify for a decision.

Both bullpens were outstanding, each shutting down the opposition the rest of the way. The score was 3-2 after the second rain delay, and that's the way the game ended. Neftali Feliz allowed a bunt base hit in the ninth, but otherwise was untouchable, striking out the side on 98-99 mph fastballs.


Old 'friends' Brewers, Cardinals meet again - JSOnline
The upcoming NLCS features two teams that have been verbally and physically sparring all season.Zach Greinke let loose this zinger yesterday:

"I think no one really likes (Chris) Carpenter. Besides that, I think (the Brewers) respect mostly everyone on their team."

Tony LaRussa, never slow to take offense, responded of course:

"So, I think the Brewers should take care of their players and their comments and not be concerned about other players and comments. But, like I said at the beginning, if they had Chris Carpenter they would be cheering for him and believing in him and they would not allow somebody that was a teammate to make a crack like that."

This should be fun to watch.

2011 Indians In Review: Injuries, losses never dulled the Tribe's passion |
Paul Hoynes reviews the 2011 season.

Yuengling fans rejoice; beer enters Ohio markets - Local - Ohio
And finally, in perhaps the most important story of the week, you can now buy Yuengling beer in Ohio.

Today's Games:

American League Championship Series

Detroit at Texas, 7:45 PM (Game 2, TEX 1-0) - FOX

Scherzer vs. Holland

National League Championship Series

St. Louis at Milwaukee, 4:05 (Game 1) - TBS

Garcia vs. Greinke