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Daily Tribe News/Playoffs Thread: October 5, 2011

LGFT Ben Francisco provided all the offense the Phillies would need in their 3-2 victory in St. Louis.
LGFT Ben Francisco provided all the offense the Phillies would need in their 3-2 victory in St. Louis.

Grady Sizemore undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery | News
It was not the worst-case scenario, but not the best-case scenario, either; Sizemore had arthroscopic knee surgery to allow a bone bruise in his right knee to heal. The recovery period for the surgery should not affect Sizemore's availability for next season if the Indians decide to keep him. That Sizemore has had both knees operated on in the past two years to me is a major long-term and medium-term concern for a player whose defense and speed is a major part of his game.

Now that the Indians know the status of his knee, they now have all the information they need to make a decision on Sizemore's option. I just don't see them picking up the option, but also see that decision as the impetus for a renegotiation. The Indians badly need outfielders, and when healthy Sizemore's offensive production is good enough for any position.

The DiaTribe: An Off-Season Road-Map on A Lazy Sunday
Paul Cousineau gives his thoughts on the off-season, and as usual, it's a great read. Go check it out. He goes beyond the players under contract to suggest some creative trades and signings that would fill the Indians' needs while keeping the payroll around $70M.

Paul's going to be taking some well-deserved time off from blogging, and he'll be sorely missed. Best wishes, Paul, and thanks for all the great reading.

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