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Daily Tribe News/Playoffs Thread: October 4, 2011

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Sabathia only lasted into the sixth inning.
Sabathia only lasted into the sixth inning.


Verlander, Young give Tigers 2-1 lead over Yankees - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Neither Verlander nor Sabathia was at the top of their games, but Verlander went much longer, getting the Tigers through eight innings. Meanwhile, Sabathia was out by the eighth inning, and that meant Delmon Young was facing Rafael Soriano in the seventh inning. It would be interesting to see if Joe Girardi was able to keep a straight face while saying this:

"I feel good about what A.J. is going to do for us tomorrow," Girardi said.


Epstein twists in the wind with Red Sox - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Time to clean house, Boston. You know you need it - after all, winning two championships in the last decade just isn't good enough.

Fox to give A.J. Pierzynski playoff shot –
As if I needed another reason to avoid watching the FOX pre-game show.

Today's Games

American League Championship Series

Texas at Tampa Bay, 2:07 PM (Game 4, TEX 2-1)

Harrison vs. Hellickson

New York at Detroit, 8:37 PM (Game 4, DET 2-1)

Burnett vs. Porcello

National League Championship Series

Philadelphia at St. Louis, 5:07 PM (Game 3, TIED 1-1)

Hamels vs. Garcia

Milwaukee at Arizona, 9:37 PM (Game 3, TIED 1-1)

Marcum vs. Collmenter